Stocker Computer Alignment

Below are some of the services we do as well as some of the equipment we use.

Service List

Gone are the days when the Techs used a string and ruler.  We use state of the art computer laser driven alignment equipment.  This give the most accurate details about your vehicle steering.

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Computer Alignment

We also have several other services available:


· Pa Safety Inspection

· Pa Emission Inspection

· Coolant system clean and flush

· Brake System flushing

· A/C System diagnosis and repair

· Transmission servicing and flushing

· Transmission Rebuilding

· Complete Engine repair

· Differential Servicing and rebuilding

· Complete suspension diagnosis and repair






GM Tech Support

This tool from General Motors reads what’s ailing your vehicle and gives the Technician a head start to find it’s problems. With vehicles getting more sophisticated, the diagnostics tools are the most important tool in the Dealership.

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Computer Road Force Balancing

Techs are hooked directly to General Motors via the internet for all the up-dates and information on your vehicle.  They also have access to AllData which is information on all other domestic cars and trucks

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The exclusive Road Force Measurement® system applies up to 1,400 pounds (635 kg) against the tire. The loaded roller detects non-balance, radial-forcerelated vibrations caused by eccentricity and constructional variation of the tire and wheel. Unlike non-contact measurement, the roller samples the entire footprint of the tire including the sidewall’s contribution to ride quality.

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GM Tech 2  - Computer to read your vehicles heart beat

Stocker Computer Diagnosis

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Stocker Computer DiagnosisPennsylvania State Inspection StationText Box: