As you probably know GM has several recalls that are running at the moment.  We have put this Recall info page up to help you find out about your  specific vehicle recalls.


The link on the left below is a link to a GM Ignition recall info page.  Here you can find out about the recall and what to expect and explain what we will have to do. It also has FAQ’s to answer almost all of your questions in detail on your specific vehicle.


The link on the right below is a link that you can type your VIN (vehicle identification number) to find if your vehicle is involved in a GM recall. 


While both of these links are helpful you may still call us or send an Email for details on your specific vehicle. Please be aware that we need you to furnish us with the VIN number of your vehicle before we can order parts and schedule you an appointment.  Also have this info ready when calling in.


You may also make an appointment by selecting green the link just below here making sure to supply us with all of your information. 




Matt Roan

Service Manager

RECALL HOTLINE— 814.238.4905  Option #8